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My life long love of art has led me down many paths and gave me a creative outlet for my views and emotions.
  I've drawn and painted since I can remember, have always been involved in art classes, being largely self taught although I have participated in various online art classes and tutorials.
  I love to create art, drawings, paintings, or whatever I can engineer and build myself, But until recently I did not understand fully the word "Passion" I have heard many artists use this word, but when I learned to look at the world through an artists eye I discovered my Passion for painting! The world is so beautiful, from the smallest rock to the most majestic mountain, I have a passion to record this beauty wherever I find it!  I hope you find something here that speaks to you.
  Please come back often or sign up for my blog as I have so many works in progress that I will be posting soon! Thanks for coming by!